Gallery 2021

Works 2021

  1. Artisans, potters, shepherds and farmers
  2. Fountain
  3. School
  4. The Presence of La Palma
  5. Annunciation.
  6. Birth
  7. Adoration of their Majesties the Magi of the East
  8. Audience

1. Artisans, potters, shepherds and farmers

We wanted to bring the world of pottery, a profession of increasing decline in the islands and, in this way, make the world of much-needed crafts present.

Adjacent to it is the representation of cheese making, an action so basic and at the same time so little known by the inhabitants of the urban world.

Nearby and in tune with the theme is the painting of Vermeer’s milkmaid, pouring the milk into a bowl as a prior step to making the cheese. The sculptor complements a second intervention with a shepherd and his sheep.

Authors: Rodrigo Cesar de Magalhaes and Johannes Christoffel

2. Fountain

The very close collaboration of PACO ARANA and BENTEJUI OJEDA make possible a greater expansion and aesthetic improvement of the fountain from previous years. Thus, a notorious space is highlighted from the entrance into the auditory and visual that imbues us in the time represented.

Authors: Paco Arana and Bentejuí Ojeda

3. School

There have been three schools engulfed by the volcano and difficult are the explanations that can be transferred to all these children We want them to be present in the memory of this event, a year so complex and painful for them. We want the necessary transmission of knowledge and desire for improvement to prevail. The teachers, the elders, the relatives and mainly the parents, are in accompanying them, even knowing the depths of the souls of each one of these sensitive infants. We dedicate our work to them and we want to send them our love.

Author: Guy-Olivier Deveau.

4. The presence of La Palma

The eruption of the volcano on the island of La Palma places the inhabitants of the Canary Islands in a situation of remarkable fragility, as well as the necessary commitment to active awareness with the environmental scenario.

It has been many people who nature has taken stories and the near future from them and they are in scenarios of continuous pain.

We intend with this scene to leave present the chapter of nature and subsistence, with the representation of banana trees, a basic crop on the island; a group of face-to-face people but not descriptive in details and perfections, it is a group that represents the absences and lack of feelings and increased general pain; The noblest image of our Lucha Canaria, the traditional sport of the canary islands, seeks to obtain the necessary bond of help to all these brothers who are in the feeling of defeat. For this reason, a fighter lifting another from the ground once he has fallen.

Author: Sanita Ravina.

5. Annunciation

The affection between María and her cousin Isabel, both in this scene asleep while the announcing Angel visits María to give her a “Good News”. This is collected by Saint Luke in the Gospel.

It is a transformative and complex piece of news, but it needs complicity, an open mind, beliefs and affection.

Author: Fergus Mulvany

6. Crib Scene

Baby Jesus lies just born in the shadow of an ox and mule, in a humble stable.

Author: Karen Fralich

7. Adoration of their Majesties the Magi of the East

The portal scene allows a second year, in these sixteen, to denote the joy of Saint Joseph with the child in his arms. This event is balanced by the image of Maria observing both of them and at the closest reception with the visiting Kings.

We have left a single space of proximity between the Portal and the Adoration of the Magi. The confluence of so many images aims to achieve a striking, diverse and beautiful proposal in details and expressions.

Author: Sue McGrew.

8. Auditorium

Every year, with the intention of leaving a palpable mark as an icon of the city, of the island, of the Canary Islands, we try to incorporate references linked to the culture and landscape of the islands. This year, from a privileged position, visitors to the Belén de Arena can enjoy another icon of the city such as the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium in its reproduction made in sand.

Author: Benoit Dutherage.

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