This year's activities

Innauguración Viernes 2 139

Presentation of the sculptors

November 25



Culture stars 2021

December 21


December 3


clausura-09 copia


January 7


Talleres para escolares

Tribute to education

December 15




Activities of previous years

Recognition of health workers

December 11, 2020

… This XV BELÉN DE ARENA DE LAS CANTERAS is dedicated to you and what you represent, the work you do and what you face, when you arrive every day at Health centers, Hospitals, Emergency Services, ICU, etc. We were clear from the month of March when we began the designs of this work for the XV BAC, that we could not ignore this reality and its main actors. We do not pretend any more that they take on this beauty project as an element of momentary liberation and feel participants and presence of these millions of grains of sand that are positioned in an exquisite and adequate way to conform a three-dimensional discourse of what is a representation of the work of you every day …

Culture stars

Dec 20, 2019

THE STARS that we give you today are you, people whom I admire and respect and who all together, in the same tapestry, could be a reference of light, with a greater cultural and social presence, in this one of ours. Earth. This is my wish!.
We want to remember first of all the friends who are no longer with us, but who have given us a legacy of wisdom and achievements, and those who continue to activate with each dawn.
The second part of this simple act involves asking ourselves what things we can activate from common synergies …

Council of elders

Dec 13, 2019


This act today is to exalt their efforts, the thousands faced all these years in the commitments and demands to separate Wisdom from Banalities.

I place them in the highest esteem
for your commitments to this Earth and its People
for your constant efforts
for their silences and listening
for their tenderness and their looks,
and for those referential her white hair
for its beautiful furrows in the skin in the interaction with the thousands of suns lived.


Thanks to their collaboration, our city enjoys the largest Sand Nativity

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